Hey there!

My name is Ben Albano and I am a freelance videographer and photographer based out of the Boston area. I specialize in cinematic wedding videography; creating short videos that encapsulate the day of the wedding and brings back the memory and feeling of the day for years to come. I love camping, hiking, rock climbing, free diving, boxing, and more!

I love expanding my tool kit and experiences, and as such; operate in various departments of media creation in jobs such as weddings, portraiture, promotional advertising, nature photography, and more. I absolutely love to travel, and getting the opportunity to travel somewhere different and experience the world through a new lens (pun intended) is something that never stops blowing me away and gets’s me newly pumped every time.

I’m extremely passionate not only about videography and photography but of media with a purpose. I want to help people create content that satisfies a vision; there’s no use in going around the world and around life in a selfish, near-sighted, purposeless manner, and that’s what I’m trying to avoid. Please look around, and check me out on the different social media links to get to know me better.

Thanks for checking me out!